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Readykey PRO


▶ Enhanced Imaging ▶ Image export ▶ Support for 64‑bit credential (card. token, or adhesive tag) numbers ▶ iCLASS integration with Smart Card encoding capabilities ▶ Enhanced options for alarm monitor zones and credential time periods ▶ Global input and output (I/O) ▶ Global anti‑passback ▶ Windows® XP operating system compatibility ▶ Support for:


The hardware communicates over local‑area or wide‑area networks (LAN or WAN), TCP/IP, RS‑232, RS‑485 per port, and dial‑up communications. The system works with existing facility communication topology to reduce installation costs. Each intelligent system controller (ISC) can connect to a combination of up to 16 devices. Connect single and dual reader interfaces, input control modules, and output control modules to the ISC over a 4000 ft (1219 m) per port RS‑485 wire bus. The ISC uses a 32‑bit processor to command all downstream modules using a 38.4 kbps communication.